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Embarrassing Dad

Never meet your heroes (with your Dad)

My Dad is a blues man. He's played with Irish blues legends such as Don Baker, Red Peters and Johnny Norris. We've always shared a love of the blues and though I probably don't tell him enough, he's as good as any of them.

In 2012 my favourite singer, grunge legend Mark Lanegan was playing a gig in Dublin in support of his recent album, Blues Funeral. I told my Dad about the gig and gave him some albums including Blues Funeral for homework.

Lanegan growled and glowered at the sold out crowd, giving them the nastiness they craved. After the gig, we saw him hanging around the exit.

We approached.

Being utterly starstruck, I don't remember what I said, but it couldn't have been more than a simple thanks for a great gig.

My dad was less inhibited. He shook Lanegan's hand warmly and said with a wink, “well done Mark, it was no blues funeral tonight”

Lanegan didn't get the joke.

I landed back on my feet as we parted, my only clear memory of the meeting being the puzzled look on Lanegan's face.

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