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A platform for short stories

 Have a short story to share?

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A mindful place to scroll and consume content

Shorter Stories is a platform for writers to showcase their work and ideas. Made up of quick reads (under 3,000 words) it highlights the talents of emerging and amateur writers, while giving people a more mindful place to scroll and consume content. More suited to our shorter attention spans. 


It’s a realistic target for writers, and a home for all the great stories that could be lost forever in editors' inboxes or hidden away in Microsoft word. 


Finally, a place for writers’ work to be read…

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Our Mission

There are a lot of really talented writers out there, who have no place to put their work. Unless it’s published, it’s only shown to your mates, or maybe your mother. Comedians, filmmakers and musicians have a more tangible way of showcasing their work via social media, but it’s not like that for writer’s. That’s why we’ve created Shorter Stories.


It’s a place for all those lost stories to live, and a place to inspire all part-time, aspiring, or casual writers to finish that story, or finally sit down to write that idea - knowing it has a place to live, and be seen. 


So write that story, whether it’s a proof of concept for something longer, or a story you’ve always wanted to tell - you never know who’ll take 5 minutes to read it...

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Shorter Stories was created by us - Eoin Lynam & Sam Moorhead. We’re best mates and old school pals, who are both decent writers in our own right. We were frustrated with the lack of opportunities for amateur or aspiring writers, having never found a good way to showcase our own work. 


That’s why we created Shorter Stories...

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